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  Control Signs
Stop Sign Stop/Yield 4 way stop Stop/Go sign Yield Sign Yield to Pedestrians
Yield at traffic circle Entry Prohibited One way: Right One way: Straight One way: Left Pedestrians Priority

Prohibition Signs

Maximum speed Entire Mass limit Axle mass Load Height Limit Width size Limit Excessive Noise Prohibited
Unauthorised Vehicles Prohibited Left Turn Ahead Prohibited Right Turn Ahead Prohibited Left Turn Prohibited  Right Turn Prohibited  U-Turn Prohibited 
Over Taking Prohibited Over Taking by Goods Vehicles Prohibited       Parking Prohibited       Stopping Prohibited Pedestrian Prohibited Pedal Cycles Prohibited
Pedal Cycles & Pedestrian Prohibited Motor Cycles Prohibited Vehicles Prohibited Taxis Prohibited Mini-BussesProhibited Midi-Busses Prohibited
Busses Prohibited Delivery Vehicles Prohibited Goods Vehicles prohibited  Goods Vehicles over given mass prohibited Construction Vehicles Prohibited Abnormal Vehicles Prohibited     
Rickshaws Prohibited Tour Busses Prohibited Agricultural Vehicles Prohibited Animal-drawn vehicles Prohibited Hazardous substances Prohitited in Vehicles
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