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We have prepared a comprehensive testing system which allows you take simulated learners tests as often as you wish.

The system generates the results which allows you to return to our learning material and improve your knowledge base.


Our team have carefully selected all learning material to ensure only the most credible & up-to-date information is been used in our testing system & material.

We have developed our testing system with you our user in mind in order to provide you with the most flexibility while you are using our online tests.

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The learners test is there to prepare you for driving safely and does not intend to trick you or catch you out. All that is needed is some careful preparation and the rest is easy.

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www.salearners.co.za is South Africa's largest official learners licence website.. Our job & responsibility is to help you pass your Department of Transport Learners Licence Test FIRST TIME
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SA Learners Testing material is 100% K53 compliant, once you have gone through all the ‘Theory Material’ & completed all the questions & answers from our testing material (available only in your member account) you will be completely prepared for your learners licence test & pass 1st TIME...

--> No other books or material will be necessary for you to study from
--> All our material originates from the ‘National Road Traffic Act’ -
This is the official manual used to create the 'Real' test questions & answers
 – Every part of SA Learners is official & up-to-date.

All the necessary information you would need to complete and pass your test successfully has been included in your memebr account. Currently our testing material includes over 460 ' Mock exam Questions & Answers' this provides you with the most comprehensive coverage of the test syllabus.

So the only Question to ask yourself rigt now is: 'Can I afford not to study South African Learners Licence's -official Material?'
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In your member account, you will receive access to the following services:
-- Online testing system facilities, E-Book downloads, printer friendly material
-- Answer Sheets
-- Advise on how to book your Driver & Learners Licence test
-- Tips & Advise on the best study methods
-- Experience & advice from previous members on how they managed to pass
-- Support & advice from SAL & fellow learners
-- All member facilities offered on SA learners website- Save your test results, Calculate your average results & Much, much more..
-- All testing material you will need to PASS your LEARNERS LICENCE 1st TIME
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