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Q: Why is our testing system so popular?


A: Because it works, Have a look at the comments from some of the SA Learners members  who passed their learners licence test FIRST time! Member Comments



Q: Why does it work?


A: Our testing system is extremely straight forward to use & understand providing a relaxed and comfortable learning environment for any individual preparing for their learners test. The various interactive tools we have used optimise the learning environment and allow for higher information retention rate then you will get from other mediums. It is web based meaning you would be able to use the testing system anywhere that you have access to the internet and a computer , while at the same time you may print off all the material or download our 'E-Books' so you don't have to be online or even near a computer to use our material...



Q: Research?


A: We have done extensive research and discovered  individuals who use a 3 dimensional medium such as a computer program to study from as an alternative to a 2 dimensional medium such as print have a much higher success rate when it comes to completing the test.
Additionally our Material is well researched: All our material originates from the ‘National Road Traffic Act’ - This is the official manual used to create the 'Real' test questions & answers – Every part of SA Learners is official & up-to-date.



Q: How does it work?


A: We have developed our content in a way which allows retaining the information you have learn't very easy. The pages are not filled with distracting non-constructive images or jargon there are the facts and all you will need to know to successfully pass your test. Our questions and diagrams are in a format very similar to that of the real test, which will make you even more comfortable and confident when facing the test questions on the day of the exam

Here is a detailed description on how the testing system works, if you would like to view Sample Questions do so to achieve an idea of the nature of our questions database.



Q: Why do I need the test questions and answers if I could just study the free theory material?


A: The theory material is important to know & understand however it will not prepare you for the written test the Department of Transport has waiting for you. The only way to be prepared for this test is to practice with ‘Mock’ test questions & answers – as many as possible - The Test Questions & Answers are far more important to know then just the Theory material. Our testing system has been designed in a similar way as the "Real Test" – more importantly the way we ask our questions is very similar to the ‘Real’ questions –  When you encounter the test on the day, you will be very familiar with the questions.

--> For a once-off Fee of R155 you will have unlimited access to our testing system, you may take the tests as often as you wish until you know the test material 100%. You will also have the facility to Save your results after each test & calculate your averages, this will help you to monitor your progress each time you take the test.

You may also wish to print all the material instead of learning online, this is made possible with our "Printer Friendly" pages and the answer sheets so you will have a list with all the questions and their corresponding answer options making studying offline as easy as studying online.



Q: Are the test questions and answers really all that important?


A: Yes, Yes and Yes. - You must know them to have the best chance of Passing your Learners Licence "FIRST TIME". NB!!!
We have found individuals often have a very difficult time understanding ‘what is been asked’ rather then what the question is referring to, this provides you with the best chance of been prepared to write your Learners Licence Test on the day!



Q: When did it all start?


A: The website has been running since early 2004.
SA Learners was started by a group of individuals who were frustrated by been given the incorrect information to study for their Learners Licence test and Failing as a consequence .
We therefore employed the services of those who know the ins & outs of the learners licence tests & consequently developed this online portal to assist anyone interested in getting it right the first time around!!!
We are proud to have a consistently high success rate with over 98% of our members passing their learners licence test first time.



Q Where do I Sign Up?


A: The Sign Me Up process is very easy, you will be required to pay a once-off fee R155 for account activation. You may make the payment via our secure online credit card transaction facility or through a direct deposit to our bank account.




What makes SA Learners so successful? - Why is been a SA Learners Member so Important

The following are a few of the reasons our testing system is the ideal tool to help you prepare & pass 1st Time:


  • Interactive medium makes it ideal for information retention
  • Current, accurate & Official  material
  • Over 460 test questions and answers
  • Test questions provide comprehensive coverage of the syllabus
  • Test questions formatted in a familiar way
  • Test questions similar format to the "Real" test questions
  • Study our test Q & A's & you will pass your test
  • Efficient E-mail support for all those extra questions
  • Ability to print all material and work offline if you wish - Use our E-books
  • Instills confidence in your ability with the subject matter
  • Advise on how to book your Driver & Learners Licence test
  • Experience & advice from previous members on how they managed to pass
  • Tips & Advise on the best study methods
  • Promotes a competent approach towards road usage far beyond preparation for the test

Success Rate
--> To date 98% of individuals using our testing system have passed first time.