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Many road fatalities are caused by accidents wherein pedestrians are involved. Many of these fatalities may be prevented through the application of some basic principles. The following safety hints should be applied.
14 Jun 2012
Department Of Transport
Statement by Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe on the Gauteng Freeway improvement project
14 Jun 2012
Update on Road Traffic Regulations - GG 35413 out for comment
The Department of Transport has published the draft 20th Regulation Amendment to the National Road Traffic Regulations for comment.
14 Jun 2012
New Transport Minister Ben Martins to be sworn in
New Transport Minister Ben Martins and three deputy ministers will take the oath of office at Tuynhuys in Cape Town on Wednesday, the presidency said.
14 Jun 2012
Chapman's Peak row could waste R140m
The protests and litigation about the building of offices on Cape Town's Chapman's Peak Drive could cost the taxpayer more than R140-million.
31 May 2012
Road Safety and the Elderly / Older Road Users
Road Safety Authorities and non-government organizations place much focus on road safety and the younger generation – but often neglect the older road users.
31 May 2012
Medicine / Medication and Road Safety
One of the greatest sciences today is that of medicine and it doesn’t matter what season of the year, the body might need it to help cure the cause and symptoms of illness.
31 May 2012
Petrol price up but OUTA wins Round One of toll battle
As the petrol price is set to go up by 28 cents a litre from next week, the Organisation Against Urban Tolling has won the first round of its battle to prevent electronic tolls from being imposed on Gauteng's freeways...
27 Apr 2012
Gautrain route's final leg will boost passenger numbers
Gautrain operator Bombela spokesperson Errol Braithwaite told Engineering News Online that the company has started test-running of trains to Park station
27 Apr 2012
Gauteng freeway cost to soar to R32bn from R20bn
The cost of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) will escalate from the ticket price of R20bn to R32bn due to interest payments over the next couple of years, says Transport Sibusiso Ndebele.
27 Apr 2012
E-toll protesters converge on Gauteng highway
A camel joined caravaners and motorcyclists at the Ultra City on the N1 highway between Pretoria and Johannesburg Thursday morning ahead of a protest against electronic tolling.
04 Apr 2012
Ndebele: e-toll protests bad for image
Transport Minister Sbu Ndebele has appealed to the organisations bringing the court application to stop e-tolling in Gauteng, “not to jeopardise South Africa’s international creditworthiness”.
04 Apr 2012
Road users not obligated to buy an e-tag
The South African Roads National Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) would like to clarify to road users that it is not compulsory for road users to buy an e-tag for Gauteng e-tolling.
04 Apr 2012
'National traffic unit is illegal'
Western Cape Transport MEC Robin Carlisle says the deployment of hundreds of national traffic police across SA is illegal and unlawful and they will only be allowed in the Western Cape under the supervision of local authorities.
16 Jan 2012
SA road deaths down - report
The number of people killed on South Africa's roads dropped slightly in December 2011 compared to the same period the previous year, the Road Traffic Management Corporation said on its website.
16 Jan 2012
SA road users want better law enforcement
Johannesburg - South Africans say better law enforcement is more important in reducing deaths on the roads than decreasing the speed limit, according to a survey by marketing group TNS.
16 Jan 2012
Tomorrow’s drivers benefit from mobile testing
Wednesday, 27 October 2010 saw the dawn of an exciting new era in driving licence testing. Two mobile testing units, fully equipped by Tasima.
16 Jan 2012
Driving licence law amended
As a result of the 18th amendment of the National Road Traffic Regulations published on 01 February 2011.
16 Jan 2012
Used-car market taking strain
Demand has moderated as lower inflation on new vehicles has closed the price gap.
18 Jul 2011
136kW Audi A1 plays the name game
S-family Audis are all-wheel driven and this one isn’t – hence the A1 badge.
18 Jul 2011
Flying car about to take off
It's every schoolboy's dream; now it just might be about to come true.
18 Jul 2011
Driving by thought control
A team at the Free University in Berlin, German has since 2006 been developing systems that could eventually result in driverless, autonomous cars
13 May 2011
Driving tests for over-60s?
Drivers older than 60 could face compulsory driving tests every two years after the EU commissioned two studies to look into senior drivers and road accidents.
13 May 2011
Driver survives six storey crash
An Australian woman miraculously survived after her car plunged six stories from the top of a car park in Melbourne and became wedged between two buildings.
13 May 2011
Parts crisis in quake-hit Japan
Production at Toyota's HQ in Nagoya is relatively normal but the main problem is parts supply
13 May 2011
BMW goes electric
BMW's electric i3 is set to be launched in 2013
13 May 2011
Battery cars still years away
Despite rising fuel prices, the mass adoption of electric vehicles (EV's) is still a few years away, according to a study by business advisory firm Deloitte.
13 May 2011
Public airs views on toll fiasco
A series of public meetings on Gauteng's toll road project have started.
29 Mar 2011
Tsunami shrinks GM parts pile
General Motors says a lack of parts from Japan will force the company to halt production at one of its assembly plants.
29 Mar 2011
Happy 35th, GTI!
Celebrations rev up as the original hot hatch turns 35 this year.
29 Mar 2011
Super-luxury Mongolian mega-campers
These specially-bodied Mercedes trucks lend entirely new meaning to "going in style".
29 Mar 2011
UK authorities slam EU ban plan
If the EU has its way, the only vehicles allowed in city centres will be battery powered.
29 Mar 2011
Driving licence call centre assessed
The department had cancelled its contract with operator Sibize Calling International, Gauteng transport department spokesman Philemon Motshwaedi said.
14 Oct 2010
Drivers Licence Call Centre shut down
The manual method for booking is reinstated in Gauteng as the GSSC closes its problematic contact centre. The Gauteng Department of Transport (DOT) has shut down its call centre for electronic driver and learner licence test booking indefinitely.
14 Oct 2010
Gautrain runs into Randjesfontein poser
Residents of Randjesfontein could stop the Gautrain in its tracks.
15 Aug 2010
Corruption, Traffic Enforcement and ...
The most commonly paid bribe was for traffic fines, driver testing and licensing irregularities. Certificates of roadworthiness are issued without the said ...
21 Jun 2010
How To Avoid Bribery
Avoid Bribery. Traffic and Metro Police Officers are paid to protect the community members of ... They cannot reduce or inflate the amount of a traffic fine ...
21 Jun 2010
Transport: Cape traffic fine scam probe
4 Jun 2010 ... The City of Cape Town and the Hawks are investigating a traffic fine scam involving a top official and a civilian.
21 Jun 2010
Gautrain – For People on the Move
Gautrain... Get on track to the future! World-class efficiency & state-of-the-art technology merge in this long-awaited, rapid rail transport solution.
21 Jun 2010
Demerit 'system': Cape taking ANC to court for delay
The City of Cape Town and the Cape Provincial government will approach the Western Cape High Court this week in an urgent bid to delay the local implementation of a new road traffic offences system.
21 Jun 2010
Commuters stranded as rail strike kicks off
Trains accross the country came to a standstill as 11th hour talks between unions and employers failed to yield results.
18 May 2010
Toll road chaos
Gauteng's fancy new freeway "open-road" toll system is going to be a bureaucratic nightmare.
10 Jan 2010
Roadworks spark rise in number of accidents
More road construction ahead of the World Cup has resulted in more crashes, an accident claim service has said.
27 Nov 2009
Traffic cops turn up heat
Dodging traffic cops and breaking the law without being caught has become almost impossible in Cape Town.
27 Nov 2009
New terminal hailed as a success
It's been five long years but now Cape Town has a truly international airport.
08 Nov 2009
Driving should be part of schooling
National Minister of Transport Sibusiso Ndebele plans to introduce training for driver's licences as part of the school curriculum.
19 Aug 2009
BRT up and running soon
The Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit system will start operating on August 30.
19 Aug 2009
Motorists warned to stay clear of BRT lanes
The lanes set aside for the long-awaited Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system will be closed from Friday morning and motorists using them will be fined, Johannesburg metro police warned on Friday.
19 Aug 2009
What Jozi motorists need to know about BRT
The Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system is set to begin operating in Joburg at the end of the month.
19 Aug 2009
Union condemns taxi violence
The South African Transport and Allied Workers Union has lashed out at taxi associations warring over routes.
16 Aug 2009
Strike to affect rail commuters
Strike action is expected to disrupt Metrorail services on Monday, the company has said.
16 Aug 2009
Airlines to ban H1N1 sufferers?
South Africans flying on British Airways and Virgin Airlines could be thrown off flights if they are suspected of suffering from swine flu.
16 Aug 2009
Traffic chaos in CBD and no cops in sight
Parts of the Johannesburg CBD were gridlocked during peak-hour traffic as the first day's testing of the dedicated Bus Rapid Transit system lanes took place.
16 Aug 2009
Airport's new R1.5bn terminal almost ready
From a state-of-the-art baggage sorting system to more than a hundred check-in counters, Cape Town International Airport's R1.5 billion new five-storey central terminal building is expected to be fully operational within five months.
27 May 2009
Gauteng taxi drivers: Confed Cup shaky issue
It's been smooth sailing in taxi drivers' training for the Confederations Cup, but one issue remains contentious enough to rock the boat at any time.
27 May 2009
Metrobus drivers reach agreement - report
The five-week strike by Metrobus drivers may have ended.
27 May 2009
Cash crisis hits Golden Arrow
The bus service that ferries over 250 000 people across Cape Town every day is on the verge of bankruptcy.
27 Jan 2009
Police nab truck drivers
About 80 heavy-duty trucks have been impounded and their drivers arrested as part of the metro police's strategy to alleviate traffic congestion in Bayhead Road.
27 Jan 2009
Bus crisis warning
The Cape Metropole will face a public transport crisis if the government does not pay Golden Arrow about R92-million in subsidies it owes the company by the end of this month, the company says.
27 Jan 2009
Why you failed your driving test...
On average, about three out of four applicants in Cape Town fail their drivers' licence tests.
06 Nov 2008
Traffic officials warned
Authorities in the Western Cape have received several complaints about alleged bribery of traffic officials.
04 Nov 2008
Another fuel price cut?
Economists predict another decrease in the price of petrol in December, but say it is too early to put a number to the predicted decrease.
04 Nov 2008
City plan to bring buses close to door
Commuters on the West Coast road should have 16-hour access to public transport within 500 metres of their homes by March 2010.
20 Sep 2008
Ten arrested in roadblocks across Randburg
Metro cops, SA Police Service officers and sniffer dogs have been out in force in Randburg, Johannesburg.
20 Sep 2008
Tow-truckers nabbed with police radio
An immediate investigation has been launched into two men who were found to be monitoring police radio frequencies.
06 May 2008
Operators were notified about delays
Gautrans has said that the operators were "duly" informed that the national department earlier made a commitment to relay all owing funds.
06 May 2008
Railway crime down - Radebe
In a speech, Radebe said "major strides" had been made to improve security on railways.
06 May 2008
Joburg speed cameras up and running
There was a growing concern for human life as motorists began using roads as racing tracks when the cameras were not working, said Senior Superintendent Wayne Minnaar.
03 Mar 2008
Bird knocks out aeroplane engine
A passenger aircraft was forced to turn back after a bird flew into an engine during a Durban to Cape Town flight on Wednesday.
30 Jan 2008
Greyton still without petrol
The department of minerals and energy has yet to grant a retail licence to a petrol station in Greyton - the only one in the town - that would save people having to make a 74km round-trip to get fuel.
30 Jan 2008
Bad news for Cape Town drivers
Traffic congestion is going to get worse long before it improves as the City of Cape Town launches four major road upgrades before 2010.
30 Jan 2008
Business as usual for Nationwide
The Nationwide planes are back in the air after a lengthy stint on the ground, but the airline is struggling to refund passengers whose flights were cancelled during a two-month service disruption.
04 Jan 2008
Bumper to bumper as holiday trek begins
Traffic on South African roads is expected to increase dramatically over the next few days as holidaymakers return home from the coast.
04 Jan 2008
Petrol price set to rise to R8 per litre
Motorists should brace themselves for more petrol price hikes in 2008 as fuel prices are expected to climb to an all-time high.
04 Jan 2008
Why is the driver's licence pass rate so low?
Traffic officials and driving schools have given reasons for the dismal pass rate in the Western Cape.
20 Jul 2007
Metro police cancels SMS service
Johannesburg metro police has scrapped a text message service for city motorists to check for outstanding traffic offences.
21 Jun 2007
WCape taxi owners to become taxpayers
About 7 000 Western Cape taxi operators are expected to start paying tax, says the Western Cape Taxi Council.
18 Jun 2007
Chaos as drivers try to renew licences
Cape Town motorists are being turned away because the new e-Natis electronic system is still not up and running.
18 Apr 2007
eNatis: Long queues, short tempers
The new eNatis electronic system that was supposed to improve service delivery has instead left many motorists and would-be drivers hot under the collar.
18 Apr 2007
Licensing system off to shaky start
Authorities in most provinces have reported hiccups and constant technical failures of the upgraded transport information system.
16 Apr 2007
Radebe to officially launch eNatis
The new state-of-the-art eNatis system will officially be launched by Transport Minister Jeff Radebe in Johannesburg.
16 Apr 2007
The queue is dead, long live the Internet
Motorists will soon be able to pay traffic fines, register vehicles or book licensing tests in the comfort of their homes or offices through the Internet.
16 Apr 2007
Reformed train surfers lead safety campaign
Train safety ambassadors will be at the forefront of a R5-million campaign to make rail travel safer.
12 Apr 2007
'More traffic officers needed on roads'
The Democratic Alliance says visible policing on the roads will help reduce the high number of road accident fatalities
12 Apr 2007
How do you check Gautrain is built properly?
One step at a time, and there are over 1 000 steps.
17 Feb 2007
Gauteng licence-seekers to get some relief
There's good news for people frustrated by endless queues at driver's licence testing stations - soon you will be able to go at night.
07 Feb 2007
Road users warned ahead of rail development
Johannesburg road users can expect disruptions during the construction of the Gautrain Rapid Rail Link near Park Station, the Bombela Consortium has warned.
07 Feb 2007
Twenty Joburg speedsters nabbed
A 19-year-old caught driving at 133km/h in a 60km/h zone is among the four motorists who have been arrested for speeding in Johannesburg this weekend.
21 Jan 2007
Cyber crackdown on fine dodgers
KwaZulu-Natal motorists who have outstanding traffic warrants of arrest will soon be forced to settle their debt before renewing their licences.
21 Jan 2007
New licence test cuts out cheating
The number of people sitting their learner's driving licence at the Rossburgh testing centre has doubled since the introduction of the new streamlined computer examining system.The number of people sitting their learner's driving licence at the Rossburgh testing centre has doubled since the introduction of the new streamlined computer examining system. "It is working wonders. We've gone from testing 120 people a day to 240 and sometimes it is more," said provincial inspector Marklen Matthew, who has been demonstrating the system at a new mobile centre at this week's South African Road Federation and International Road Federation conference at the Durban ICC. The new computerised system, which is now being rolled out and which uses touch screens, replaces the former test, where applicants hand-wrote their answers to 64 questions on the rules and signs of the road.
12 Jan 2007
Cops arrest second-fastest Joburg speedster
Johannesburg metro police have arrested a man travelling at 244km/h - the second highest speed recorded since the holidays started.
11 Jan 2007
Hijackers target truck drivers in Mpumalanga
Mpumalanga police have urged truck drivers to be extra careful on the roads after a spate of hijackings in Delmas and Leandra.
10 Jan 2007
AFU to decide on confiscations individually
The Assets Forfeiture Unit would look at the merits of each case before confiscating cars not owned by drunk drivers.
10 Jan 2007
KZN to educate rural communities on road use
The KwaZulu-Natal transport, community safety and liaison department has dubbed 2007 "the year of the pedestrian" after pedestrian fatalities were the only statistics that showed an increase during the festive season.
10 Jan 2007
Drunk driving arrests up in KZN
The number of people arrested in KwaZulu-Natal for drunken driving during the festive season has increased by 20 percent over the previous year, the province's traffic chief revealed in Durban.
09 Jan 2007
KZN road deaths down, drunk driving up
Traffic-related deaths in KwaZulu-Natal fell slightly during the festive season, but traffic authorities have expressed concern at the increase in the number of people arrested for drunken driving.
09 Jan 2007
'No-nonsense approach against crime in 2007'
Gauteng police commissioner Perumal Naidoo has said police members should be dedicated and show determination to tackle crime without fear or favour.
04 Jan 2007
Joe Public asked to be on traffic watch
The Road Traffic Inspectorate in KwaZulu-Natal has asked motorists to be its 'eyes and ears' and report luxury long-distance buses taking unnecessary risks.
04 Jan 2007
Speed cops' booze cruise
Camers fine company entertains officers
29 Nov 2006
Road agency wants 'hazardous' tributes banned
The erection of roadside tributes to people who die in traffic accidents may soon be outlawed if the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) gets its way.
25 Oct 2006
Pay fines or go to jail, drivers told
A massive anti-crime drive aimed at clamping down on those failing to settle traffic offences, could see thousands of motorists ending up in jail if they fail to heed a two-week ultimatum.
21 Oct 2006
Fists fly in 'intense' Car Free Day road rage
Fists flew in Honeydew on Friday morning as a motorist and a taxi driver climbed into each other in a bout of road rage - on what the Department of Transport has decreed Car Free Day.
20 Oct 2006
Police to monitor high-occupancy car day in KZN
Durban drivers who travel alone into the city are to be punished with a hefty congestion tax that will force them off motorways ahead of the 2010 Soccer World Cup.
03 Oct 2006
Changing lanes to ease Ben Schoeman traffic
A pilot project aimed at easing traffic congestion on the N1 highway between Pretoria and Johannesburg comes into effect on October 23.
03 Oct 2006
Driving In the Rain
Losing control of your car on wet roads is a frightening experience. Unfortunately, it can happen unless you take preventive measures. Read More...
10 Sep 2006
New drivers license demerit system to be introduced on Friday, 1st September 2006
Details of South Africa's tough new measures to remove dangerous drivers from the road by suspending or revoking their licences have been revealed. The new system will be introduced in Pretoria on September 1 and then extended throughout the country.
05 Sep 2006
Latest Hi-Jacking scams
If you are interested in learning of the latest techniques used by criminals to take advantage of you while driving in your car, read more.
01 Aug 2006
Learners Licence Tests to Be Computerised in Future!
South Africa has been expecting a computerised Learners Licence testing system facility for years. Some of the advantages here would be: faster service, ability to reach remote locations, accuracy and avoidance of corruption. There are numerous "Pilot" sites at various testing centres across the country.
01 Aug 2006
SA Learners Launches New Website! has recently launched a new look and Feel website. We are continually improving our site to allow you our user ease of use...
01 Aug 2006
Department Of Transport Mobile Units
09 Aug 2005
KwaZulu-Natal Department Of Transport Campaign
No to Fake Licences
09 Jul 2005