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This is the copy from an e-mail which has been going around warning people to be careful when opening their windows at deserted intersections or even busy one's for that matter. This is an individual report however we have been emailed numerous separate reports of the same incidents taking place around the country. Please read and be a little more aware while on the roads.

Because of the new gun laws and stricter rules regarding ammunition, Hijackers have turned their attention to using Pool Acid, this acid is kept in a syringe or even a small plastic and then used  to
blind daze and disorientate the driver of the vehicle, it also assists them with getting away from the scene more readily.

Please do not wind down your windows ,even a small bit at any intersections whatsoever.

Please see below attached report from Discovery Health
lets be careful out there!!!

Attached Report
Gavin Osmond (one of our engineers at Discovery) was involved in an attempted hi-jacking on Wednesday night in Rivonia, where a young perfectly nice-looking white guy convinced him into winding down his window at a robot, informed him that he wanted his car and then threw ACID IN HIS FACE!!!

Gavin's face was burned extensively and the membranes have been
burned off his eyes.
He was temporarily blind for a few hours. He is undergoing daily treatments and it will be several months before his eyes recover properly.

DO NOT WIND DOWN YOUR WINDOW FOR ANYONE!!! - Tell your friends and family to be careful.